Commercial jobs for clients
with guaranteed payout.
Available on iOS and Android.
Get the training you need
to receive more Client Missions.

Drone Pilot Missions & Training

Join the thousands of drone pilots on our platform and see how rewarding drone flight can be.
Commercial jobs for clients with guaranteed payout.

Get Paid to Fly

We offer our pilots tons of opportunities to fly simple Missions for clients in their area. But you'll need to have your Part 107 License to get paid, and we'll need it uploaded to your profile in order to pay you. Upload your license and complete a full profile to help us find you the right paid opportunities.


How It Works

Review the available Missions sent to you, noting location, due date, and payment.
Schedule your Mission if there is no due date and accept.
Fly the Mission and simply upload the assets. DroneBase will cover editing and sales.
Get Paid.

Meet DroneBase Pilot: Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen has been a dedicated DroneBase Pilot for about 9 months and FAA certified for...

Part 107 Guide

Since the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Part 107 Ruling came into place on August 29th 2016, commercial...

Download the DroneBase App

The DroneBase app streamlines your workflow so you can spend more time flying and getting paid!

Accept Client Missions Instantly

Never miss a Mission with push notifications. Get on-the-go access to your completed & upcoming Missions, shot lists, schedule, and more.

Fly Your DJI Drone Seamlessly

Our deep integration with DJI’s SDK means you’re able to find and fly available Missions without switching apps.

New Features on Fly Mode

We’re continually improving our App and updating with the latest DJI advancements so you get the most out of your flying.

Gain the skills you need to successfully fly Client Missions.

The First Step to Paid Missions

Our goal for DroneBase Pilots is two fold: to generate more Missions for DroneBase Pilots and to ensure that every Pilot receives adequate training, beyond their Part 107 certification. DroneBase Training ensures our Pilots are prepared and trained on the specifications of various Mission types. We have courses for Insurance, Telecom, Real Estate and Construction Missions, as well as specific training for different enterprise clients.

How It Works

Complete Your Pilot Profile
To be eligible for DroneBase Training, your Pilot Profile must be completely filled out, including a valid Part 107 license number, drone system information, and street address. Upon completion, we’ll review your profile, determine which courses you’re eligible for, and invite you when needed.
Complete Pilot Training
When training is available, you'll receive an email from us with next steps. This will include one or more of the following: online training & quiz, a quick background check, and a test Mission.
Get Paid Missions
DroneBase Training is meant to familiarize new Pilots with the DroneBase platform, from scheduling & flying Missions to uploading assets promptly when the Mission is done. After you pass Training, you will become eligible for MORE paid Client Missions in your area!

About Our Training Missions

Read about DroneBase Training and learn how it can help accelerate your career as a DroneBase Pilot!

Why You Should Fly Insurance Missions

DroneBase Insurance Missions are a great opportunity for our professional Pilots to fly jobs with a guaranteed payout.

Have a question about a DroneBase mission or need help? Check out our FAQ or contact us.
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