Commercial jobs for clients
with guaranteed payout.
Submit creative clips for
royalty opportunities.
Soar into the skies of
Augmented Reality.
Ready for a DroneBase Mission?
Join the thousands of drone pilots on our platform and see how rewarding drone flight can be.
Commercial jobs for clients with guaranteed payout.

Get Paid to Fly

We offer our pilots tons of opportunities to fly simple missions for clients in their area. But you'll need to have your Part 107 License to get paid, and we'll need it uploaded to your profile in order to pay you. Upload your licence and complete a full profile to help us find you the right paid opportunities.


How It Works

Review the available missions sent to you, noting location, due date, and payment.
Schedule your mission if there is no due date, and accept.
Fly the mission and simply upload the assets. DroneBase will cover editing and sales.
Get Paid.

Meet DroneBase Pilot: Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen has been a dedicated DroneBase Pilot for about 9 months and FAA certified for...

Part 107 Guide

Since the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Part 107 Ruling came into place on August 29th 2016, commercial...

Submit your awe-inspiring aerial videos to be featured
on the world's largest stock image site!

Take Flight and Land on Getty Images

DroneBase is proud to provide pilots with the opportunity to get their creative work featured for purchase on Getty Images. Normally, it's not easy to become a contributor on the world's most prolific stock website, but DroneBase pilots now have a unique backdoor opportunity to take their creativity (and earnings!) to the next level.


How It Works

We're looking for creative 4k aerial videos, from busy cities to the great outdoors... and everything in between!
Upload your best 4k video to show us what you've got. Only videos between 10 and 45 seconds in .mov or .mp4 format will be accepted.
You'll recieve royalties every time your video sells on Getty. Your videos can earn payouts in the hundreds of dollars and be purchased multiple times.

5 Reasons to Submit to Getty Images

We've recently partnered with Getty Images to give you another way to make money with your drone. Your best videos and...

The Best Winter Aerial Photography

With Christmas on the horizon and winter settling in, what better time to take a look through the best drone pilots' winter aerial...

Download the DroneBase App

The DroneBase app streamlines your workflow, so you can spend more time flying! Our deep integration with DJI's SDK means you're able to find and fly available missions seamlessly.

Soar into the skies of Augmented Reality.

Become An Aerial Architect

Welcome to DroneBase AirCraft (Beta), your new home for Augmented Reality. Use your drone to build anything you imagine in the sky, from race courses, to floating cities, to giant works of art.

How It Works

Select an Object
Tap the toolbar to select an object. Swipe left and right to see more sizes. Swipe up and down to see more colors and textures.
Placing an Object
Tap the green plus button to place the selected object anywhere you'd like. To build on to an existing project, highlight a side with the crosshair.
Delete an Object
Highlight the object you want to remove with the crosshair, and then tap the red X button.

Take Photos and Videos
Tap the camera icon to take a photo, and tap the video icon to record video. Photos and videos will be saved to your phone's photo roll.
Saving and Collaboating.
All work is auto-saved in the sky. Other AirCraft users can see and collaborate with you on your creations!

How to Use AirCraft

AirCraft is DroneBase's premier augmented reality (AR) platform that expands the realm of possibilities for drone users...

AirCraft: Augmented Reality with your Drone

DroneBase is very excited to announce AirCraft, the first augmented reality drone platform for commercial and...

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